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Kuasa Yesus Mengubah hidup ku

Ibu Naomi's Testimony April 8th, 2021

I was born in a non-Christian family. I married a Chinese who also didn't worship God. I married in Muslim.

After marriage, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law invited me to go with them to the monastery and temple.

My daughter's school is a Christian school, and no Muslim teacher in that school. Because nobody can teach my daughter a lesson about Christian, so my daughter was invited to Sunday school. In that time, I saw a miracle through my daughter experienced.

One day, her father bought a dove. When my daughter played bicycle, her bicycle accidentally hit his father's birdcage so that the bird was released. My daughter was so afraid her father would be angry with her. So, I suggested she pray to Jesus. For 2 hours over and over, my daughter begs and just said: "Lord Jesus, help me bring back my dove, "and miracles happened, the dove came back.

After that dove came back, my daughter said that Jesus is real and amazing. I saw a miracle happens in my daughter's life; she invited me to go to church with her, but because my life was full of sin, I was not worshiping God when I went to church.

Because our family's economic condition was not good, I decided to go to Hong Kong and started working there. When I was in Hong Kong, I wanted to suicide, but I remembered that my daughter had given me a small bible; then I read that bible, and the bible said repent for the kingdom of heaven is near. I was scared that time. I was afraid if I die, I never went to heaven because of my sinful deeds. Because of that, I did not suicide.

One time, my Hong Kong agent pushed me to join worship in their office, and I started to attend. Slowly, after I've heard a lot of God's word, I decided to accepted Jesus as my savior.

Changes of my life after accepting Jesus :

· I entrust my life to the Lord Jesus.

· I left my old life.

The most memorable thing while following the Lord Jesus is that I can see His help every day and the Holy Spirit's leading in my work.

I am committed to helping the Baptist Church in Hong Kong more advanced and participate in evangelism.

My message for friends: if you felt your life is terrible, repent! Entrust your life in Jesus, don't looking for the pleasure of the world. We don't know when we die; we go to heaven or hell. It depends on ourselves. Because of that, believe in Jesus as your God and Savior.

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